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BETA 0.2


¿Why I need this?

PHP Source Proteccion

Protects your source code in a Codeigniter environment, its mean it’s capable to crypt every file you are working on like: Models, Views, Controllers, Libraries or any code you want to keep private, can work with php and html mixed.


Give licenses for your products, and protect your code from be stolen or copied without your permission. We are not hacker proof, but we make as difficult as we can, to have a nice code and security mix.


Configure a domain, app cannot execute outside the server you want..


Establish how much users can have an app, or anything you want. Just take a look into: $GLOBAL[‘license’] this is injected in all your code and available for using in your app..


You just need to use a key.php file in the root of CodeIgniter (with the main index.php) and a Library. ¡That's all the magic to run the code!.

Time Limit

Establish a time limit for your app. Code will not being executed after the license expired time.